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It's That Key Card Time of Year

It's That Key Card Time of Year

            If you are in the northern suburbs of Chicago, then you might have heard the term Keycard floating between lips and over heads recently. Style Shack is here to give you all the information needed to get involved in this amazing opportunity to save yourself some money and to give back to the Highland Park community. 

            The North Shore Auxiliary (NSA) of Jewish Children and Family Services (JCFS) Chicago, along with the participating businesses from Highland Park and other neighboring suburbs, are offering the Key Card special shopping pass to patrons. The Key Card promotional opportunity has been held for a number of years and occurs in both the spring and summer months.

              In response to the July 4th shooting in downtown Highland Park, The NSA of JCFS Chicago has committed to donating 100% of the proceeds raised from the keycard promotion back to mental health services being allocated for those still processing and grieving. 

            The keycard itself is a one-time $75 purchase that provides you with access to a 20% discount of all full priced products and services at participating stores and restaurants, with limits applied at specific locations. The Keycard promotion will be active for the week of August 20th and cards are still available for purchase online at, The list of participating merchants can also be found online through the JCFS Chicago website. There is a small list of stores where the keycard promotion is only eligible for online purchases, but most participating stores are excited to see the public's lovely faces entering their establishments, key cards in hand. 

            As for us here at Style Shack, we will be awaiting your wonderful smiles during the week of August 20th, and we hope that you will take part in the key card shopping spree opportunity!

Written by Mia Drelich

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