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Celebrate Labor Day With Style Shack

Celebrate Labor Day With Style Shack


With Labor Day quickly approaching, Style Shack wants to help you prepare for your celebratory events. Whether you are hosting a Labor Day barbeque or are a guest at a Labor Day pool party, we can help you find and affordably acquire all that you might need. 

     If you are the host of a magnificent Labor Day event, we recommend getting yourself organized before the event. Take the time you need to prep everything regarding serving your guests beforehand. To keep the table organized, Style Shack has the perfect Cutlery Holder  for you. With rearrangeable holders for forks, spoons, and knives, this modern, white tray with cube holders will leave no one guessing. 

     If this cute holder is not large enough for the needs of your guests, the Metalucite Twig Flat Silverware Caddy was made for you. This caddy comes with a built-in napkin holder beneath the silverware and is accented with silver or gold twig detailed handles.


     Our everyday tongs, in gold, silver, green, or black will perfectly accompany any large trays and will ensure that there are no wandering hands touching every last piece of food on the platter.



     Give your barbecue a luxury feel by ditching the plastic condiment bottles and replacing them with  gold or silver ceramic condiment bowls.

     If you’re not sure about putting a large plastic bag of crushed ice out with drinks, then look to a Mr.Ice Bucket for help. We have these 3 Qt. ice buckets available in three beautiful color blends; Brushed silver with a gold trim, Brown with a stitched   trim, and Black with a stitched trim.
     Finally, for dessert, there is no need to stray away from the classics. Our Merge S'mores Set to go in bamboo powder and melamine will help you to stay organized ahead of time, ensuring that you don't miss out on any of the fun! 






   If you are not hosting the event, but feel inclined to share some of your newly acquired Style Shack hosting excellence, the Merge S’mores set is a fantastic item to gift to another host or simply bring for the event itself. It comes ready with a travel lid for extra convenience.


     It is always a great idea to show up with a gift in hand and what else could best accompany a bottle of wine for the evening than the Jonathon Adler Mr and Mrs.Muse Bottle Stoppers. This perfect duo provides a posh plug for any unfinished night caps. For the non-drinker of the hosting circuit, the Jonathon Adler Mr. and Mrs.Salt and Pepper Shakers offer the same surrealist tabletop addition without the need for a bottle. 

     Whether your backyard is the go-to for labor day hosting, or you’re simply attending the event, check our online store or come in to find these items that will bring a luxury feel to your celebratory day. 

Written by Mia Drelich
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