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Exploring Luxury Brands pt. 2

Exploring Luxury Brands pt. 2

            Every home can be completed and brought together with a signature fragrance. For some, citrus and herbal pairings help to elevate the sleek and modern aesthetic of their dream home. For others, woodsy and floral combinations create a comforting environment for their humble abode. Whatever your chosen fragrance scent is, NEST New York is determined to blend what is familiar, exotic, and luxurious to create the aromatic profiles that help you launch the lifestyle you envision for yourself. 

            NEST New York founder, Laura Slatkin, is known for having her own unique approach to the fragrance and wellness industry. Slatkin launched the first American luxury home fragrance brand, Slatkin and Co., back in 1992. Her skills have led her to create her own fragrance brand, in addition to being commissioned to develop products for over 100 different luxury labels. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that NEST was launched, but the brand's short lifetime in no way discounts the effect it has had on the luxury fragrance market. Slatkin is quoted on the NEST website as saying, “The right fragrance can lift your spirits, calm your senses or set the tone for your day.” At Style Shack, we strongly agree that something as often overlooked as environmental fragrance can change and shape the lifestyle you are manifesting and working towards creating. 

            Style Shack is ecstatic to be able to offer NEST products in our store so we can share them with our customers. Style Shack founders Dawn Pye and Sherry Levin were introduced to NEST New York at a design show in Atlanta by boutique owners from North Carolina. When it comes to our apothecary and fragrance partnerships, we have not looked back since. 

            We carry an assortment of the NEST New York reed diffusers and velvet candles in store. Our favorites in the reed diffusers are the Sicilian Tangerine and the Wild Mint and Eucalyptus fragrances. These high-quality fragrance oils soak into your desired number of reeds for up to 90 days, ensuring that you can delight in the luxurious essential oil scents in your home for months at a time. The Sicilian Tangerine diffuser is tropical citrus based and features notes of mango, bergamot, and passion fruit for an energetic twist. The Wild mint and Eucalyptus diffuser is fresh and peaceful, featuring notes of wild mint, basil, Eucalyptus, and Thai ginger for the creation of your perfect sanctuary. The frosted glass holders match with the black reeds for a functional and modern addition to any room in your home. 


            If you are having trouble deciding between a NEST New York diffuser and a candle, fear not, because we have a combination set just for you. The Grapefruit Candle and Reed Diffuser Set can give you and your home the best of both worlds. Pink pomelo grapefruit, lily of the valley, and coriander blossom pair together beautifully to create a fresh citrus fragrance that will envelope your home in a tranquil energy. 

            Visit Style Shack in store to discover more of the NEST New York line and find your perfect luxury fragrance for your home and lifestyle. 



Written by Mia Drelich

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