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HP Proves Strong

HP Proves Strong

           July 4th, 2022 will be a day of fear, loss, and grief for the community of Highland Park for years to come. Multiple people were killed in the shooting and dozens were injured as a result. However, the support and community values that we all hoped would be present in a time of need, proved to be stronger than anyone could have imagined. 

          The town of Highland Park came together to form a memorial site in remembrance of those lost, in the heart of the downtown area. Members of the community took the individual time to grieve, all while knowing that the community around them was up in arms fighting for Assault Rifle reform in the State of Illinois. Vigils and remembrance events attracted a community following that filled local parks and public areas for the weeks that followed. 

          We missed our community when the downtown area was silent, and businesses were closed. Here at Style Shack, we grieved alongside the community for the lives of those lost. Style Shack remained closed for the week after July 4th in solidarity.

          It took the community some time to return to what would become the new normal, but no returns to normal life were made alone. Villages across the Chicagoland area, and up into the bordering areas of Wisconsin, were screaming out with their support. Countless individuals requested HP Strong paraphernalia to show their support as well. An event occurred that was intended to create a rift through the center of the community, and yet, HP Strong is being worn on bracelets, hats, and shirts, and inscribed on lawn signs, car stickers, and building banners. 

          Here at Style Shack, we have our HP Strong beaded bracelets back in stock. 100% of the proceeds from the bracelet sales will go back to the Highland Park Community Foundation to help those still mourning and grieving to receive mental health counseling and aid. If you are not looking to purchase a bracelet, but still want to give back to the July 4th Highland Park Shooting response fund, follow the link to donate on the Highland Park Community Foundation website. Any and all contributions back to this fund will go towards helping the victims, survivors, and the organizations that are currently helping them as well. 


          If there is any light to be seen through the darkness of this horrendous event, it is that the Highland Park community is stronger than the hate that tries to divide us. 


Written by Mia Drelich  

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