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Exploring Luxury Brands pt.3

Exploring Luxury Brands pt.3

         Books impart knowledge and exploration onto those that venture to open the cover. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. What is created when you combine gorgeously professional photography and expertly crafted writing is nothing short of an Assouline masterpiece. Prosper and Martine Assouline started their company in the 90’s, with the intention of bringing luxury culture into the homes of adventurers worldwide. With a focus on high end luxury goods and cultural phenomena these pieces become so much more than a title on your bookshelf.

         With Assouline you can bring the experience of fashion, art, and culture home with you to enjoy for years to come. In a world that is continually growing digitally, the tangible world is becoming less interesting to the average consumer. Invest time and effort into the company that has brought a tangible product back to the world of luxury. 

         Here at Style Shack we are obsessed with our tabletop books. Every room in your house can benefit from a classic and elegant book to enhance your decor. We are ecstatic about featuring some of the most extravagant travel books we have ever laid eyes on. Assouline depicts their classic collection as being the perfect representation of stylistic movements over time.

         They cover art, design, fashion, and all the culture and life that fits in between. Each book focuses on a different geographical location worth visiting; for those that cannot visit in person, Assouline has provided the next best thing. Whether you are skiing the slopes in Aspen or vacationing along the Amalfi coast, we are always happy to help you find the destination tabletop book that suits you best. We carry Hamptons PrivateIbiza BohemiaMiami BeachGreek Islands, and Dubai Wonder, just to name a few. 

          Our personal favorite issue of the collection is Athens Riviera. The Athens Riviera is a charming string of coastal towns that allows visitors to escape the constant energy of the city center. What lies within these small towns is nothing short of magical. It is through these areas that art, design, and culture are being revived in the country of Greece.

          The pairing of new and old is a time honored concept, but one that is given new life through the stories and breathtaking photography encapsulated in Athens Riviera. Coastal views are shared from a top a yacht, while historical Grecian sculptures bring mythology to life; contrasting colorations of black, white, and sepia are showed beside vibrant blues, greens, and yellows. We have shared this sentiment before, and we will share it again, “Athens cannot be defined in simple terms. One just must experience it for themselves.” 

          The next time that you find yourself browsing Style Shack's website or perusing our store in Highland Park, make a point to add some exploration to your lifestyle and home decor. It is time to find the Assouline book for you and we're ready to go on the adventure with you. 


Written by Mia Drelich

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