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Gift Giving the Style Shack Way

Gift Giving the Style Shack Way

         Why agonize over the perfect gift to give your friend, significant other, or family member when you can let Style Shack do all the work for you? We’ve put together a comprehensive gift giving guide to assist you in finding the right item for the art lovers, the chefs, the fashionistas, and the entertainers. We also have sections devoted to gifts under $25, $50, and $100 that will wow anyone receiving a surprise. 

For the Art Lover in Their Studio:

       We have several incredible design and accent books to choose from when it comes to artistic interest. Art Deco Style Book by Assouline covers the extensive history of the recurring global art deco stylistic movement. With an assortment of half page spreads featuring bold and colorful imagery alongside descriptive writings and cross fold full page spreads, there is not a single page without character and excitement.

          If they are more interested in sculpture and physical artistic mediums then look no further than the Misia Sculpture in gold or bronze. In connection to post-war British styles of sculpture, this female figure pays homage to organic and natural elements reminiscent of Toltec-Mayan sculptural pieces. A white marble base elevates the gold leaf bonded piece and pairs form and texture with luxury design. The bronze finished iron version of Villa & House’s sculpture features an eye-catching black marble base.


          Need a burst of color in your gift? Fear not because the iconically shaped balloon dog sculptures come in an assortment popping colors and patterns. Whether the giftee in mind adores the pop comic look, a union jack finish, or a mono-colored piece, there is a balloon dog in store for them. Every art lover will immediately recognize and obsess over these fun and unique reiterations of the balloon animal.

For the Chefs in Their Kitchen: 

          Style Shack's newest cooking essentials are the glass cutting boards from Toss Designs. The Monte Carlo Cutting Board is styled by the photography under the glass. Even prep work can benefit from a facelift of sorts; this board with a line of classic cars and their appreciators on the beach in Monte Carlo would make for an unforgettable gift.

          Every chef and kitchen aficionado knows that presentation is how you feed someone's eyes; often the look of a dish can change the experience had by those eating whatever is served up. To help your cooking fanatic friends, look to our Guzzini pieces for the serving elegance they need to elevate any dish. Guzzini small, medium, and large bowls come in a beautiful white or a captivating gray. The Grace Serve-ware Collection is crafted in Italy and uses Murano glass as inspiration for these chic acrylic designs.

For the Fashionista in Their Closet: 

          What more could the fashionista in your life ask for than any number of gorgeous jewelry pieces from luxury designer names such as Karan Lazar and Jennifer Zeuner. The Karan Lazar 2mm Labradorite beaded bracelet is a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to layer bracelets and mix and match pieces for fun, everyday looks. This 14K gold beaded bracelet features a line of gemstones to add pops of color between your bracelet stacks. The 2mm Blue Coated Sapphire beaded bracelet is another great option for a gift that they are sure to love.



         For the precious metal-oriented fashionista, our newest Jennifer Zeuner pieces are sure to excite. The Marta Necklace Gold Vermeil acts as the perfect necklace to accessorize around, a statement piece on its own, but a great layering base as well. Featured in Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil, and 14” or 16”, this will be their new “it” piece of their jewelry box.


          We carry a number of designer and fashion themed table top books, each one featuring a different luxury name brand designer; Dior, PradaGiorgio ArmaniLouis VuittonElio Fiorucci, etc. Depending on what fashion styles your fashionista covets, there is a vibrant book just right for her/him.

For the Entertainer in Their Home:

          The entertainer in your life deserves something breathtaking to turn any dull night into an event. A breathtaking platter can steal the show just as much as the dish sitting atop it. Pampa Bay’s beaded serving pieces take the classic serving tray and line each style with silver titanium finished beads. We love the look of the Beaded Deep Oval serving piece because it can turn any side dish into a main course for your eyes.


          If their bar cart is in need of an upgrade then indulge them with our Bar Accessory Set. This set comes with a hollow, rounded, finished wood base with snug holes for each tool and accessory to the set. The holder is a great way to spotlight each stainless-steel cocktail making tool in an organized manner. The fully equipped set comes with cocktail Shaker, bottle opener/corkscrew, ice tongs, pestle, swizzle spoon, jigger, two bottle spout pourers, and strainer.



          The entertainer you have in mind may already have a cocktail set, but what better to serve drinks with than a set of liquor-themed glass coasters. These charming glass coasters come in Casamigos Tequila, Jack Daniels Whiskey, and Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne. Felt bottoms keep coasters and their respective drinks from slipping and simultaneously protects the surfaces in your home.


$25 and Under:

          Our assortment of Quotable Trinket Dishes with expressions, sayings, and trendy imagery range in price from $6 to $20. With some of our favorites donning expressions like “You Rock” and inspirational quotes like “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” by Melchor Lim, there is a dish for everyone.



           Paddywax candles are the gifts that keep on giving at a great price; for only $14 you can pick out one of these delightfully scented soy wax candles in lovely glass jars. The jars are all colored to match the scent inside of them. The lavender mini soy candle comes in a violet hued glass jar that makes a perfect catch all jar or accent piece when the candle is done burning. They burn for an average of 21 hours and will put a smile on your giftee's face for much longer.


          Celebrate any occasion with a bottle of champagne and our Champagne Please pourer and stopper. This sterling silver set sits elegantly on any bottle of champagne to act as a pourer during an event and allows you to save what is left over for a later date. This set comes in a cute, prepackaged set and is ready to give at your convenience

$50 and Under:

          Lauren Dickinson Clarke’s mini wrapped candles are all based on famous people of note. If you are gifting to someone who appreciates the classics and a restful peace of mind then they will love the Peacemaker Mini Muse candle, inspired by Yoko Ono’s free-spirited energy, and wish tree initiative. Looking for a mini muse candle with a bit more edge? The Punk Mini Muse candle elicits the scents of anarchy, in the best way possible and pays homage to punk queen herself, Wendy O. Williams. These candles bring lovely fragrances and ferocious personalities into your home.


          Remind a special person in your life that they've got you as a friend for the long haul. The Inspired Generations “You've Got a Friend” food safe polished aluminum sign will bring a smile to their face every time they glance over at it sitting in their family room. Who wouldn't love a joyful reminder about how blessed with friends you are.


          Our new assortment of hook pillows make fantastic gifts and add a pop of color to any family room couch. Two of our medium sized pillows fall under this $50 range; the Go Get Em Hook Pillow dons bright pinks, oranges, and blues for an option that will match any decor and inspire any couch potato to take on the world. The Wink Wink Hook Pillow has one bright blue eye and one winking eye with a lovely deep pink border. Both options have 100% velvet backings and 100% wool hooked detailing.


$100 and Under:

          A lovely lotion and soap set can lift any spirits when received as a gift. Our Coconut Milk Hand Care Gift Set comes in a beautiful winter white and golden aluminum tin. This curated set of ethically sourced and fully organic ingredients was made in Provence. The reusable and fully recyclable bottles are filled with fragrances created from distinguished perfumers in France. This set comes with a hand wash, hand lotion, and hand cream to reinvigorate​ your most utilized appendage.


          An Assouline tabletop book is a gift that simply continues to give for ages. The Mykonos Muse book is one of our absolute all-time favorites. The book chronicles the culture, history, and incredible views of the “Island of the winds” over the past century. An island surrounded with some of the most crystal-clear blue and green waters you have ever seen, is said to be the “Ibiza of Greece”. Every page of this book will have you feeling as though you are on the island of the gods yourself. Trust us when we say that you’ll want to keep this gift for yourself.


          If you are looking for a more obviously functional gift, then be delighted with our selection of Mr. Ice Buckets! We carry three artfully crafted 3-quart ice buckets. Whether you choose to give one of our black or brown leather ice buckets, complete with a stitched trim, or you side with the Brushed Silver with a Gold Trim, all three options will make a great gift.


Written by Mia Drelich

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