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Get Ready for School with Style Shack

Get Ready for School with Style Shack

          Get your dorm room ready with some of Style Shacks newest additions. Multicolored balloon dog sculptures will ensure that you can bring your childhood pet to college with you, even if it is in spirit.


          These fun and funky classic balloon dog styled pieces come in an assortment of single colors as well as several patterns and designs. Our personal favorite is the pop comic dog, but rush into the store to find your favorite to take to school with you.

          Every college dorm room needs expressive and poppy pillows to make that twin bed feel like a home and a party all wrapped up into one. Our Peking Handicraft hook pillows feature sayings like, “Hey Gorgeous” and “Go Get Em” to inspire you to feel confident and driven throughout your day. Evil eyes, rainbows, and yin yang imagery adorn these lovely throw pillows. There are endless options for combining these pillows with your college dorm room set. 



          The Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers that we have in store feature a sleek Honeycomb design in white with a wooden base, but when turned on with your favorite essential oil, the diffuser switches between 7 eye popping LED colors. Turn any boring old room into a place of relaxation and rejuvenation with scents that will awaken the soul and leave your room smelling like a spa.

Pair this magnificent diffuser with any number of our geode rock soaps to turn a dorm room suite into your own personal chill oasis. Stock up on even more mindfulness items by grabbing an Earths Elements Wellness Chakra Balancing Candle and a chakra stone journal to pair with it.


With the constant moving to school and back between holidays and breaks, turn your jewelry lot into an organized and easily travel friendly arsenal of accessories. Our travel jewelry organizers, in small, medium, and large will be your go to jewelry box to display in your dorm room and pack up to travel home when needed. We feature these adorable and functional boxes in a light blue, white, light pink, and sparkle white color.


Ensure that you make a statement on your first day of classes by finding the perfect statement necklace at Style Shack. Whether you choose to accessorize with gold or silver, we have an unmatched assortment of chunky chains and dainty charmed necklaces to layer; helping you to create a stylish and easy bold jewelry look. 


Let Style Shack make the start to your school year one to remember and stop by the store today!


Written by Mia Drelich



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