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Exploring Luxury Brands pt.1

Exploring Luxury Brands pt.1


          What do Style Shack clients and the hottest Hollywood stars have in common? Accessorizing with Karen Lazar's incredible 14K gold filled beaded bracelets. Walking around downtown Highland Park with the confidence and style of some of Tinseltown’s brightest stars is as easy as walking into Style Shack. Style Shack is home to some incredible homegrown artists as well as several designer brands that we are proud to partner with. 

          Karen Lazar is a Los Angeles based designer. Much like the fearlessly savvy owners of Style Shack, Lazar also began in the basement of her home. The lovely little beaded bracelets became the talk of her community of mothers and daughters. Eventually, the demand for her creations outgrew her basement and an official Karen Lazar studio was started. Her unique 14K gold filled beaded bracelets have been adorning the wrists of celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Reese Witherspoon for years now. The easy to wear and layer, mixed size, beaded bracelets can be worn in water and are effortlessly pairable with your other jewelry. Here at Style Shack, we partnered with Karen Lazar Design Studio after encountering her work at a number of trunk shows for new and developing designers and products. The quality of the product never fails to amaze us and the options for wearing Karen Lazar jewelry are endless. 

           While all Lazar pieces come adorned with 14K gold filled beads, we know that some extra excitement amongst your bracelet stack is never a bad thing. We LOVE the Karen Lazar 2mm Marigold Ombre bracelet. This piece features an assortment of ombre gemstones, perfect for adding a pop of color to that wrist of yours.


           If 14K gold is not your forte, then we recommend switching it up with the 14K gold beaded bracelet featuring 5mm Sterling Silver beads to add some color diversity.


          Whether you choose to stick to the classics or test out a new style, like the macrame bracelets with yellow gold filled beads, all Karen Lazar choices are great ones.


          Jonathan Adler, potter, designer, and author extraordinaire took his brand to a global level after his collection of pottery at Barney’s inspired the launch of his personal brand five years later, with the opening of his first store in Soho. Jonathan Adler, and the associated design company, create and share fun, functional, and upscale products for any and every home. Style Shack picked up Jonathon Adler products early in the business life, forging a strong, loyal, and lasting relationship. 

          We adore Jonathan Adler's design style, shifting between surreal sized everyday color pop object sculptures, and luxury housewares and fragrance collections. One of our all-time favorite Adler pieces is the Marble based, brass cast, tic tac toe set. This fun and functional sculptural piece offers a design staple for your home that will entice and excite guests of all ages.


          If sculpture is not your medium of choice, another recommendation would be the Fleur Porcelain Coasters. These pop art reminiscent coasters are gold lined and place eye popping blues at the center of lavender blooming petals. Give yourself that "Eye-conic edge".


          We are ecstatic about our ability to offer luxury products for your person and your home. Our special partnerships with these two rockstar designers are just two examples of the incredible opportunities that lie within Style Shack's walls, and online of course!



Written by Mia Drelich 

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